Meet the teachers

We are a small family business based in Mid-Sussex. We have been persuading people to drink more wine for a very long time and have been running educational events since 2005.

David Timmons


David is our Chief Wine Taster, and has spent many years helping people develop their enthusiasm for wine. He is a judge for the IWC (International Wine Challenge) and for IWSC (International Wine and Spirit Competition) and is a member of the Association of Wine Educators (

He is also an all-rounder when it comes to wine, having worked in a vineyard, grown his own grapes and made his own wine as well as doing wine and horticulture degrees.

David has a number of other interests he pursues when not talking about wine, including a love of Italian cars (much to the distress of his wife) and an unusual collection of garden tools and machinery.

Favourite Subject: Portuguese Wines
Most likely to say: I’ve found this really interesting wine, have you got a minute to try it with me.

Victoria Donougher


Victoria is Head of Talking. She likes to talk to people about wine, she likes to talk about us, she likes to talk about brands - she even likes to talk about talking. Before joining The Wine Teacher, Victoria used to manage marketing teams for media organisations including Walt Disney and the BBC. As a digital media and social marketing advocate, she still spends time helping and advising companies on their marketing strategy

With three children, Victoria says she doesn’t have any other hobbies at the moment (apart from practising how to mix a perfect gin and tonic), but we reckon if your job involves talking and drinking wine, then you probably don’t need other hobbies.

Favourite subject: Wines to go with puddings
Most likely to say: Have you got a moment to have a chat about this

Ian Donougher


Ian is our financial whizz-kid and responsible for keeping us in the black. He, too, is WSET educated and having spent time in Italy, has a love of Tuscan wine and food.

A keen sportsman – Ian believes the more extreme the better and his recent highlights (?) include the London Triathlon, skiing the Mont Blanc, the Hell Run (we sometimes think it is best not to ask) and jumping out of a plane at 14,000ft.

Favourite Subject: How to make the best Mulled Wine
Most likely to say: I’ve created a spread sheet for you

Glenys Timmons


Glenys is in charge of all things administration. She is just as happy organising our events as she is making sure all the empty bottles get recycled (we have a lot of empty bottles in our office!).

With a keen eye for detail and an uncanny knack of whipping people into shape, Glenys has enjoyed various jobs before joining The Wine Teacher including being a tax inspector, an estate agent and in Central Government… as you can imagine her friends are greatly relieved that she is a now a wine teacher!

Glenys is constantly trying to improve her French and in between enjoys bell-ringing and tap dancing (even when she hasn’t had a drink!).

Favourite Subject: Sparkling wine from the Loire Valley, France
Most likely to say: I’ve created a file for that

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