Already know a bit about wine? We run wine masterclasses


For those with a bit of knowledge we run a foundation course


If you are based in Kent or its surrounding areas, the Wine Teacher can offer you the chance to make the most of our wine teaching courses, events and tasting parties. As experts in the field of wine tasting and wine making, we can provide all the information our clients desire with regards to the fascinating world of wine on our specialist teaching courses. These courses are built to be as enjoyable as possible with all sorts of fun wine tasting activities taking place alongside detailed explanations from a specialist on understanding wine flavours and taste preferences. Our aim is to inspire your underlying passion for wine and make it even easier for you to choose your preferred bottle when you next visit a restaurant, off licence or supermarket. With a team of highly experienced wine tasters onboard we can guarantee that your day will be both educational and enjoyable.

We have strong passion for wine here at the Wine Teacher and always encourage newcomers as well as experienced wine tasters to make the most of our teaching courses. We also host enjoyable events across Kent that give you more of an insight into what we do. We cover all the different varieties of grapes that produce the many different flavours, giving you a broader understanding of all that’s available across the world today. Ultimately we are passionate about delivering our knowledge on wine to people across Kent through our successful events that we have hosted since 2005.

If you’ve got a birthday coming up that you need to plan for, a stag or hen night that requires a fun activity or maybe another celebratory occasion on the cards, why not get in touch with us regarding our wine tasting parties. We can provide you with all sorts of different exotic wine flavours to enjoy whilst we can also provide you with a deeper insight into what’s available on the market. We will compensate for any particular budget and even customise our services to suit your preferences.

We specialise in offering our wine tasting opportunities to corporate gatherings and charitable events, so if you are looking for an activity to host up to 120 people, make the most of our hospitality packages for group gatherings.

You can discover more about our wine tasting courses, events, parties and hospitality experiences in Kent by contacting us and speaking to a friendly member of our team. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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